Uganda walking tours

Uganda walking tours

The Uganda walking tours will give you the opportunity to stretch out your legs for a few hours where you will be involved in different activities. We have different walking tour packages to Uganda.

Our packages are designed by our safari experts to ensure that tourists have a great time. During the walking tours, you will be escorted by an experienced tour guide who is highly knowledgeable about Uganda safaris. Whenever you will go, you will be offered with the best information regarding that area.

In almost every national park, there are designated walking trails which you can use to walk around the park while witnessing several wildlife species. During the nature walks around the park, you are always escorted by an armed park ranger to ensure that you are a safe during the entire journey.

Nature walks are one of the best ways of getting up close to many wildlife species. You will get a more detailed experience if you walk than taking a game drive.  Uganda is naturally blessed with many wildlife species.

The country is home to hundreds of thousands of wild animals. During the visit, some of the common wildlife species include the warthogs, waterbuck, hyena, cheetah, gazelles, lion, and leopard, buffaloes, Rhinos, Mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, crocodiles, hippopotamus, zebra, jackal, serval, antelopes, hartebeest, Topis, Uganda kob, and others. It is always interesting to take a nature walk around most national parks.

There common walking safaris are city tours. Most tourists take trips around Kampala city tour to witness the different National attractions within the city.

During the visit to Kampala city, expect to witness some attractions such as the Nakasero Market, Uganda Museum, and Kabaka’s Lake, Gadhafi Mosque, Kabaka’s Palace and many other attractions.

If you decide to visit other cities around Uganda such as Entebbe, Jinja and others; you will have a wonderful walking experience.

We have many walking tours for you to choose from. Take a walking tour with us today by choosing some of our walking packages:



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