Uganda tours from Australia

Uganda tours from Australia, New Zealand

Our Uganda tours from Australia were carefully designed by a great team of local safari experts who are highly knowledgeable about Uganda. We have many packages from Australia to Uganda. Our tours cater for both luxury and budget travellers. Uganda’s tourism industry is well position to offer the best safaris for all kinds of tourists, there are luxury and budget lodges near all the tourism destinations in the country.

We have a great team of tour guides who always go an extra mile to ensure that our tourists have a wonderful trip. Our tour guides are certified and highly knowledgeable about safaris in Uganda, they have the passion for tourism and they are always looking for the perfect opportunity to unveil their wealth of experience about Uganda.

You will be assisted by another team of experienced reservation managers who will prepare the best itinerary depending on your travel needs.

Uganda is a unique tourism destination which is blessed with many tourism attractions. During the visit to the country, it is possible to participate in many tourism activities such as:

Gorilla trekking

There is no doubt the gorilla trekking is Uganda’s most iconic tourism attraction. Uganda is among the 3 nations around the world where you find Mountain gorillas. Gorillas exhibit wonderful wildlife behaviors that are so unique.

In Uganda, gorilla trekking is possible in Mgahinga gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.  You will have a lifetime experience if you take a tour to Uganda purposely for gorilla trekking

Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzees are another wildlife species which is so unique. The chimpanzees have resemblances with the gorillas but the two wildlife species are quite different.

In Uganda, there are many chimpanzees which can be trekked in Ngamba Island, Budongo Forest, Kyambura gorge and Kibale Forest National Park.

General game watching

The most popular activity in African safaris is usually game viewing. Tourist visit parks to witness several wildlife species and their wild behaviors. There are many national parks in Uganda which are great for game viewing.

These include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo national Park and many others. in some parks, you will be able to enjoy game watching via game drives and boat cruises.

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is possible in Uganda. Mount Elgon National Park and Mount Rwenzori National Park are popular destination for hiking


In terms of birding, there are over 1000 species of birds in Uganda which can be seen in many areas around the country.

Uganda has very welcoming people, and their smiles are infectious.

Take the trip to Uganda and be part of any of the following activity. We have put together various itineraries for you to choose from. If you want customization, you can always contact us, we have a great team of reservation managers who will provide the necessary assistance.

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