Uganda honeymoon packages

Uganda honeymoon packages

The Uganda honeymoon packages are some of the best honeymoon packages in Africa. We have great honeymoon packages that create wonderful memories and bonding opportunities for the newly-wed couple. Any successful honeymoon experience involves the couples having a unique experience as well as getting memories that last for a lifetime. Uganda is blessed with many natural and wildlife attraction that offer lasting memories.

During the visit to the country, you are likely to witness many wildlife species such as Mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees, leopards, lions, Elephants, buffaloes, hyena, cheetah, warthog, waterbuck, crocodiles, hippopotamus ,jackal, serval, antelopes, red colobus monkeys, black and white colobus monkey, L’hoest monkeys, Uganda kob, African wild cats, African wild dog, Topis, hartebeest and many different wildlife species.  It is possible to witness these animals during the visit to Uganda.

A lot of honeymooners visit the country to be part of the gorilla trekking experience. Gorilla trekking is a unique activity which is possible in Uganda. There are Mountain gorillas in Uganda which can be trekked. Mountain gorillas are rare and endangered wildlife species which are only located in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. In Uganda, it is possible to trek gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. It is always a lifetime experience to watch the gorilla group in Bwindi. Bwindi has many gorilla groups than any gorilla trekking destination. In addition, trekking gorillas in Uganda is cheaper compared to other destination yet you will get the same experience.

Chimpanzees trekking is another powerful activity that is liked by many honeymooners. A lot of honeymooners enjoy watching the chimpanzees. Chimpanzees resemble gorillas but they are completely different species.  In Uganda, chimpanzees trekking is in Kibale Forest National park, Budongo Forest, Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth National park, and Ngamba Islands.

For honeymooners who are interested in birding, Uganda is a birding haven with over 1000 species of birds. The birds species is Uganda can be equated to those of the entire Europe. It is always a remarkable experience to take a birding honeymoon tour in Uganda

With over 50 ethnic groups, the country has a many people from different backgrounds. These people live in harmony.  Taking a cultural trip to Uganda shall unveil different facts about the different tribes in the country.

In almost every tourism destination, there are luxury lodges which host honeymooners.  The lodges always customize services for honeymooners to ensure that they get a unique experience.  We have many honeymoon packages to Uganda. Book your favourite honeymoon packages and enjoy the best luxurious honeymoon experience:

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