Uganda holiday packages

Uganda holiday packages

Our Uganda holiday packages are well designed by our safari experts who wanted to ensure that our clients have a memorable experience in Uganda. We have many holiday packages to Uganda. Our packages can be booked by both luxury and budget travellers.

Uganda has many luxury lodges in all the tourism destinations which can be booked by luxury travellers and for budget travellers; there is always an option to book a budget lodge or a camping site. Uganda is a marvelous game viewing destination. The country is among those nations which you visit for a wonderful holiday.

Uganda is home to many wildlife species such as Chimpanzees, Mountain gorillas, hippopotamus, crocodiles, leopards, lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, hyena, cheetah, zebra, giraffes, warthog, waterbucks, Topis, gazelles, antelopes, hartebeests, Uganda kobs, red colobus monkeys, L’hoest Monkey, black and white colobus monkey and many more different species.

During the visit to Uganda, it is possible to participate in many tourism activities such as

Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking is a great activity which is possible in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo however the Uganda gorilla trekking experience offers more advantages over the others. It is a cheaper and there are many habituated gorilla groups in Uganda.

Witnessing the Mountain gorillas which are gentle endangered wildlife species is a lifetime experience

Chimpanzee trekking

When you visit Kyambura gorge, Budongo Forest, Kibale Forest National Park, Ngamba Island; you will have the chance to witness the chimpanzees.

These endangered species have some similarities with the gorillas but they are completely different wildlife species.

Apart from the gorilla and chimpanzees, it is possible to visit other national parks for a perfect game viewing experience where you will witness other species apart from the gorillas and chimpanzees. Some of the popular National Parks for a wonderful game viewing experience include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls National park, Lake Mburo National Park and Kidepo National Park.

It is a great experience to be part of a game viewing journey.

For birders, you will have the chance to witness over 1000 bird species. There are over 1000 bird species in Uganda.

Activities such as beach tours, climbing tours, city tours are also common

Uganda is a diverse country with many different ethnic groups. There are over 50 ethnic groups in Uganda and these people live in harmony. Ugandans have been voted several times as the most hospitable people in Africa. Take the trip to Uganda by choosing some of our carefully designed holiday packages:



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