Uganda guided tours

Uganda guided tours

Our Uganda guided tours will give you the necessary joy during the visit to Uganda. You will have a wonderful experience when you explore Uganda with us. We have many guided packages to Uganda. In fact, all our tours are guided safaris. We have a wonderful team of excellent and highly professional tour guides who are highly knowledgeable in Ugandan safaris. Our tour guides have been part of several successful safaris; they have the passion for tourism and their love for the tourism industry is demonstrated in their wealthy of knowledge about every tourism destination that you visit. You will surely be in the right hands if you travel with us.

We use a good fleet of 4×4 safari cars that are equipped with the best amenities for a wonderful game viewing experience. Our cars have a cooler, charging system and perfect AC. The cars have window seats and a popup rooftop for the best game viewing.

During your booking phase, you will be assisted with making the best decision from our reservation managers. Our reservation managers will help you customizing your itineraries to ensure that we fulfill your travel desires.

We have many tourism packages that involve several activities such as:

Game watching

Visiting Uganda’s national parks for game viewing is one of the most preferred tourism activities among tourists. During the tour, it is possible to witness several wildlife species such as the African big 5- lions, leopard, elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes. Other species to expect include golden monkey, hippopotamus, giraffes, spotted hyena, warthog, antelopes, crocodiles, Topis, cheetah and many more.

Murchison falls national park and Queen Elizabeth national park is among the popular national parks. Gorilla trekking is also possible in the country; It is a top desired activity in Uganda.  Chimpanzee trekking is another activity which you can be part of during the tour to Uganda. Uganda’s climate is favourable throughout the year and this marks these activities so great.

Cultural tours

With over 50 ethnic groups in Uganda, the country is blessed with a wonderful cultural diversity. You will have a wonderful time getting to know some of the tribe such as the Batwa people, food gatherers whose lives where dependent on the forest. The karamajong, these are cattle keepers and many more.

We have a various tourism activities in Uganda which you could be part of. Take your guided tour with us


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