Queen Elizabeth wildlife safaris

Queen Elizabeth wildlife safaris

Our Queen Elizabeth wildlife safaris will take you to Queen Elizabeth National Park for an amazing game viewing experience.  We have many packages to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Our packages were designed for both luxury and budget travellers. Queen Elizabeth National park is the most visited National parks in Uganda.

The park was formerly called Nalubaale National Park however to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth II  in Uganda, the park’s name was changed to Queen Elizabeth National park. The park is fairly accessible.

Most tourists take road trips from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda to Queen Elizabeth however; it is also possible to fly to Queen Elizabeth National Park thanks to the airstrips which are located in the area.

During you tour to Queen Elizabeth National park, you will be escorted by an experienced tour guides. Our tour guides are professional and they love Queen Elizabeth tours. You will surely have a great time under the company of our guides.

We have excellent 4×4 safari cars that have roomy window seats that can enable you to stretch during the game drives. And in case, you want to stand, our cars have a popup rooftop for that purpose. Our cars are always kept clean and in the best mechanical condition for the safety of our clients.

There is a lot to experience during the visit to Queen Elizabeth and these include

The boat cruise

During the tour to Queen Elizabeth National park, you will be able to take a boat cruise along the Kazinga channel and as you are sailing, you will have a wonderful experience. Hippopotamus and crocodile are usually seen.

Game drive

The game drive is the number one reason why man y tourists visit Queen Elizabeth National park. During the game drive, you will stand a chance of witnessing various wildlife species such as the elephants, buffaloes, leopards, lions, cheetah, hyena, reedbuck, zebra, giraffes, jackal, serval, and many other wildlife species.

Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura gorge

There are chimpanzees in Kyambura gorge which is part of Queen Elizabeth National Park and you will have a great time spotting these wildlife species

Tree climbing lions

Tree climbing lions are the one of the highlight of the tour to Queen Elizabeth National park. These lions are located in the Ishasha section on Queen Elizabeth National park. The lions are seen up on the tree trunks. It is usually are remarkable experience to witness such lions,

Community walks

It is possible to take a community walk around the surrounding villages to understand the way of life of the people around the park

We have many Queen Elizabeth National park packages; enjoy the tours to Queen Elizabeth by selecting some of our packages below. Contact our destination consultants for the best experience:


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