Lake Victoria Day tours

Lake Victoria Day tours

Our lake Victoria Day tours will take you to Lake Victoria for an awesome experience.  we have many day trips packages to Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is the largest Lake in Africa. The lake is shared by many countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Being a lake, it has great shore line and many inland islands which are great to visit.

During the visit to Lake Victoria, there are many tourism activities that you could be part of and these include:

Visiting Ngamba Islands

Ngamba Island is one of the most famous Islands in Lake Victoria, this wonderful island is home to the Chimpanzee sanctuary, this sanctuary was set up to nurse ailing chimpanzees and after which, they are released back into the wild.

During the visit to the Ngamba Island, you will have the opportunity to trek the chimpanzees, you will see the chimpanzees in under a protected fence carrying on their normal lives. You will have the chance to feed the chimpanzees and also ask the care takers every question that you would like to know.

Besides chimpanzees trekking, Ngamba Island is an ideal location for nature walks. There are many green sceneries around the island and taking a wonderful nature walk will reveal some of the wild animals and bird species that reside on the island.

Bulago Island

The Bulago islands is an island that is gaining popularity in the tourism world. The island is a 300 acre which has been developed into one of the tourism spots.

Accessing the island is simple; all you need to visit either Entebbe,or Munyonyo Speke resort and you will get a speed boat that will take you there.  At the island, you can engage in nature forest walks, enjoy the beach and participate in other beach activities such as swimming


Lake Victoria is home to various species of fish and this makes it an ideal lake for the best fishing. Some of the fish species to expect include the Nile Perch, Tilapia, cat fish and many more. Some of these species can weigh up to 100 plus kilograms.

Visiting Jinja, Entebbe and other places

Lake Victoria is covers many parts of Uganda and taking the tour to these areas will enable you participate in a great beach life. For example, visiting Jinja is ideal for the swimming, kayaking, bungee jumping, horse riding, and many other activities.

We have many day tours to Lake Victoria, simply choose among our packages or you can get in touch with our reservation managers who will provide their best assistance

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