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Uganda tours and trips

Uganda tours and trips offers the best safaris to Uganda. We are Uganda safari experts. We have the best wildlife safaris to Uganda which will take you to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls National Park, Kidepo National Park, Semuliki National park, Mgahinga National Park and other tourism destination around the country.

For climbers who are interested in hiking activities, we shall take you to Mount Elgon National park and Mountain Rwenzori National Park. In case you want to have a wonderful beach experience, Uganda has wonderful beaches along Lake Victoria where you go for a relaxing and refreshing tour. Jinja, Entebbe and several Islands are great for a wonderful beach experience.

Every tourist that is interested in having a remarkable experience is welcome to Uganda. Whether you a budget or luxury travellers, you will have a comfortable stay in Uganda.  The country is blessed with both budget and luxury hotels and lodges which are spread throughout the different tourism destinations.

About Us

Uganda tours and trips has  a great team of reservation managers who always offer unbiased information to our clients. Our clients are availed with first-hand information that they need to know such that they make an informed decision about what they would like to experience depending on their budget, travel desire and duration of the tour.

Our Safari team

We have a team of excellent tour guides who are the backbone of our success. Our tour guides are certified and they are knowledgeable about the tourism destinations in Uganda. They have offered tours to most all the National Park and we are certain that you will always benefit a lot from their experience.

our Safari cars in Uganda

We have a fleet of 4×4 safari cars that we use during the trips to Uganda. Our 4×4 safari cars are maintained in the best mechanical condition for the safety of our clients. The cars are always kept clean. Our fleet of cars can accommodate a good number of tourists.

About Uganda

Uganda is a country which is located in East Africa. The country is boarded by the Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Rwanda. The backbone of Uganda’s tourism industry are the Gorillas, Mountain gorillas are only located in Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.  There are many habituated gorilla groups in Uganda than anywhere else which makes it a prime gorilla trekking destination.  The gorilla permits which are required for gorilla trekking are cheaper in Uganda compared to Rwanda. In Uganda, the price is now $700 while in Rwanda, the price is $1500.

chimpanzee trekking in Uganda

Chimpanzee trekking is another common activity in the country. There are many chimpanzees in Kibale National park

Gorilla trekking in Uganda

Apart from gorilla trekking, Uganda has many national park and game reserves which host several wildlife species such as the big 5- lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, and leopards. Other species within the country include golden monkeys, sitatunga, l’hoest monkeys, red colombus monkeys, chimpanzees, hyena, giraffes, zebras, African wild cats, antelopes, Uganda kobs and many more.

In terms of bird species, Uganda is blessed with over 1000 bird species. Bird watching in Uganda starts immediately you land in the country, birds are everywhere.

Mountain climbing in Uganda

Climbing is possible by taking a tour to Mount Elgon and Mount Rwenzori. There are many cultures in the country and during the visit to Uganda; You will be blessed with witnessing various cultures. The Batwa tribe and Karamajong are always the center of attraction.

It is very hard to talk about Uganda without taking about its people. For several years, Uganda has been voted as among the most hospitable nation on earth. Ugandans are welcoming people. Their smiles are infectious.

Take a trip to Uganda by touring with Uganda tours and trips.



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